Donnerstag, der 22. Juli 2010
7 Laster Sand


              The day -. Oh!!! When we think about that day, we are remembering a lot of things we did, but the first thing that crossed our minds was: "hard work-doesn’t matter"! We had a lot of fun working very hard in the very hot sun.
In the morning we had breakfast, which was prepared by volunteers. Like usually, two working groups went in park to work on the rainbow. Work was so hard when we were finishing our rainbow, that other groups have to come and help us. And then - all together - the fun started :D
We were flatting the rainbow field with sand and cement, but in the same time, we were playing in sand like a children who were around us.
After lunch we continued with work, and we worked until 6 o’clock because we had to work with the sand of 7 huge trucks.
After showering some of us went to swimming pool, and then we went in school on the meeting. The meeting was sad because one member of rainbow project lost grandma ´ at home, and we felt sad with him. All of us lit a candel to show that we shared the grief. After that, we were discussing about the seven values which will be carved in a beam of wood.
But all in all, this was a very interesting and special day for all of us, because all members worked together, help each other. When we had a fun we were together, when we were sad we were together too, just like a real family.