Heute ist der letzte Ruhetag

Der Tag bevor die Arbeit beginnnt. Wir konzentrieren uns auf die Geschichte des rainbwoprojects


Wir haben schon Grüße von Sascha aus Südafrika erhalten. Hier zum lesen und träumen

Dear Rainbow-family in Plön,
As I learnt from all the emails you are starting to renovate the rainbow in Plön. Unfortunately I cannot be with you but you will be in my thoughts for the next days. Thinking of the project in Plön a lot of wonderful memories come back to me. A wonderful summer a wonderful group of young ant enthusiastic people from Germany and Paraguay. It fills me with pride to hear that you committed yourself to keep this symbol of freedom, peace and understanding in a good shape for the next years to come.
The Idea of the project was based on Nelson Mandela, who wanted to build a rainbow nation in South Africa after a long time of oppression for the majority of the people. It is just a few days ago that the father of the new South Africa, Tata Madiba, has celebrated his 95th birthday. Due to a reoccurring lung infection based on tuberculosis that he gained during the time of his 27 years of imprisonment at Robben Island, he is hospitalized for more than 40 days now. His condition is critical and many South Africans think that there little time left for him. On his birthday everybody in South Africa was invited to spend 67 minutes of his working time to a good cause. Every minute for one year that Mandela has spent his energy to serve the public.
You are doing much more than just 67 minutes. I am very proud of you that you committed yourself to renovate the rainbow in Plön. Although very far away I am with you every minute. Enjoy the time and let the rainbow shine again.
Although I heard that the weather is supposed to good the next days, I have attached some South African sunshine to this Email. Hopefully you will be abel to download it, when you need it.
Greetings from Pretoria. May god bless and give you a wonderful time in Plön. You are special!!!!!!