Mittwoch, der 21. Juli 2010
Besuch der KFOR in Prizren
The Trip to Kosovo 
The whole rainbow team woke up early to face an exciting day. We took a 4hours trip to Kosovo in a bus which was relaxing for most of the team. We had volunteers who prepared tasty rolls, cheese and palony which we had in the bus. The entire team appreciated the special volunteers for waking up really early in the morning to prepare breakfast.
We visited the German KFOR military in Prizren which is responsible for peace keeping between ethnic groups in a district.
They presented a slide show on what they do in the district. They keep a good communication with all different ethnic groups-  especially with the youth. which is far moire than 50% in Kosovo. The presentation helped to understand the history and the problems in Kosovo and Serbia.
We had lunch - in the military base - which was paid for by the general to show his gratitude. We had the impression that he liked our intercultural and multiethnic peacebuilding work at the rainbowproject because for him it seems as if we are doing the same job as his KFOR troops – the LMT´s (Liasion Monitoring Team).During lunch we had a chat with the soldiers and some of the things we learnt were that some of them sign a 12 years contract to be in a military. The team took a tour in the city. It was an eye opener to us mostly to South Africans. After being in the military base it seemed normal. We took a bus ride back to the school where we stayed. It was late for us to prepare dinner so were given money to spend some time in the city and get food.
Good night