Freitag, der 18. Juli 2014
Mzis Geburtstag

Early in the morning we woke up at the beautiful place. We had a tasty breakfast, then we went to do our jobs. The working groups made a lot today: some of us were working hard to create a second toilet for us and we put together the coloured piles. After painting the wood orange, we’ve been granding the wood. We also made one table with benches, because we didn’t have enough place to sit (we are a big group now). Just before lunch we went to the village with Amiram to get a lot of tires, bread and ice cubes. We also ate wonderful ice cream, therefore we want to thank Bisans father so much! He was the saviour in the hottest hour of the day!

At midnight, Mzi turned 20 and this is his birthday poem: 

Taking the luggage to the bus.

Going to the back seats was a big rush.

Got amir reading mzi`s book of songs

Everybody singing all trip long.

Saw chicken for the first time in a whole week.

We were so happy, we couldn’t even speak.

Did some twerking on the way to the beach.

Then we went on a night trip to get to the city.

Turned back when we realised we won’t make it

Midnight struck and I turned 20. (Mzi)