Donnerstag, der 30. Juli 2015
Der Plan

Rainbowproject:  31.7. – 21.8.2015


All participants have to bring along a sleeping bag, towels and working cloths-  and if possible --- one of this soft sleeping pad. You probably will need cloths you like to wear in a public bath.

Please bring along a little bit of water from where you live in a little bottle for the baptism of Claudia and Klaus Grandchildren  - put it in suite case not in your hand luggage



We will produce a rainbow shirt for the opening. You can use it for the “warm messages” at the end.


Those participants from last year also can bring along the shirts from KEREN OMRI and the hats.




The weather is strange here – you will need cloths for warm and for cold summer weather.





For urgent calls from home: Your relatives can use my cell +49 151 11432032
or +49 157 53477449 (house)






The plan 






Thursday 30.7.: ALT RUPPIN



Arrival for some Germans in Alt Ruppin (contact Lina) preparing the plot





Friday 31.7.:



Arrival of the German participants during the day.




Arrival of the Israelians in Berlin



Taking them to Alt Ruppin




Arrival of the Southafricans in Berlin



Taking them to Alt ruppin.




Evening session … what happened since last year?



Family groups






Saturday 1.8. ALT RUPPIN



Rhin Corso / The Flags - the christian events



And:  what will happen during 2015 project








Sunday 2.8. ALT RUPPIN and move to PREMNITZ






Farewell Alt Ruppin


Travelling to Premnitz and welcome there






During the week  3. -7. 8. PREMNITZ


working week


visit of a concentration camp


Baptism in Premnitz






Weekend: 7. – 9. 8. … at different places



Weekend in Families (we are still working on host families – please do not make own appointments!)






During the Week  9. – 14.8 PREMNITZ



14.8. Opening of the rainbow.


Farewell party Premnitz






Weekend: 15.-17.8.Castle Gollwitz







Week  17. – 20.8. Berlin


We will stay in a student congregation in one big hall.
There- there are no beds for us – so we would need the soft sleeping  pads


In Berlin we will have a facultative program





21.8. End of the Project … the international guests leave Berlin


the German participants clean up the place








                The rainbow project will live on in the lives of the participants.






                Peace is possible!