Freitag, der 25. Juli 2014
Eröffnung des Regenbogens

Statement of the participating youth:


God of Life.

Who heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds.

May it be your will to hear the prayer of mothers.

For you did not create us to kill each other

Nor to live in fear, anger or hatred in your world.

But rather you have created us so we can grant permission to one another to sanctify your name of life, your name of peace in this world.

For these things I weep, my eye, my eye runs down with water.

For our children crying at nights, for parents holding their children with despair and darkness in their hearts.

For a gate that is closing and who will open it while day has not yet dawned.

And with my tears and prayers which I pray and with the tear of all women who deeply feel the pain of these difficult days I raise my hand to you.

Please God, have mercy on us.

Hear our voice that we shall not despair, that we shall see life in each other, that we shall have mercy for each other, that we shall have sorrow for each other, that we shall hope for each other

And we shall write our lives in the book of life.

For your sake, God of life,

Let us choose life.

For your peace, your world is peace and all that is yours is peace.

And so shall be your will and let us say Amen.


This message was written in cooperation of a female Rabbi and a female Sheikh who came from completely different backgrounds. We also come from different backgrounds, yet we are not different. We are all individuals who share dreams, tears, hopes, questions and common goals for the future. This is a living experience we have shared during our past two weeks together. Of course, we were taught different cultures and different religious traditions on different continents. But this is secondary to the fact that we are all human beings. And through that being, we find the connection to each other.


For us, participants, the rainbow and this project are a symbol of hope for the future generations. In the ancient story, the rainbow appeared in the sky after the flood as a sign of peace and hope. This country is currently being flooded not by water but by conflict, pain and tears. In the story, the rainbow was a gift. Today, it is possible for every person to create and promote peace within and with others.


The current situation is complicated. The journey towards a transformation of consciousness is not easy – yet possible. We believe that through introspection and education we can create a brighter future for the next generation. What we need is, first of all, a shift in consciousness: we are not blaming and pointing fingers – we are taking responsibility. We do not feel like a victim – we introspect ourselves and take action. We are not afraid of the other – we listen to the other. We do not feel anger and hatred – we feel compassion and a will to assist. And we do not carry a consciousness of separation – we carry a consciousness of connection and interdependency.


In the past two weeks we built friendships – so can you.

We learned about diversity – so can you.

We lived as a community – so can you.

And we learned about ourselves – so can you.

We are capable of sharing this small piece of land and enjoying every single moment together – therefor we truly believe that we all can share this beautiful place and have a prosperous life in it.

We invite you to meet each other not tomorrow, not next week or next year, but NOW.