Donnerstag, der 24. Juli 2014
Fast fertig

After the last night in the host-families, we met for a short breakfast. A flat tire slowed down some of the team members, resulting in them arriving a bit late for breakfast.
As they needed some strong people to work on the rainbow, the Nelson Mandela’s were chosen even though it wasn’t their turn to work. But as it isn’t a competition we’re not allowed to tell you this.

The last culture-group finished their mosaics while the rainbow-team worked hard to speed the process in order to be ready in time for the opening on Friday. They did everything that needed to be done, leaving the last piece of the rainbow log- spared aside for the ceremony.

But during lunch all our excitement was overshadowed by devastating news. Because most of the flights going abroad were cancelled, the rainbow leaders decided it is best for us to leave as soon as possible. Nobody can be sure how the situation in Israel and Gaza will develop, although we hope that our rainbow is another step towards peace between all the people.

To refocus on this purpose in the end of the day, everyone we went to the rainbow to celebrate the birth of our masterpiece putting the final log.

The cherry on top was an old-fashioned gathering around a candle, where Ora lead us in sharing our mental photo album under the stars.