Mittwoch, der 23. Juli 2014
Letzte Nacht in den Gastfamilien


At the morning everyone returned back to the camp after spending the night at their hosts. We started to celebrate Lu´s birthday by singing birthday songs in different languages and giving him a birthday hat. The working group started their work at the rainbow, they did a really good job because they were cleaning the place from rocks, added more beams and continued with the platforms. The culture group had a discussion about peace, everyone was invited to share their personal experience. Some of us talked about relationships in families and how they affect the members of the family.

We talked also about how we acted in those situations. After that we tried to find a symbol for peace, to draw it and finally to create a mosaic picture out of colour tiles.

 The public group did their usual work. They were walking around the place, taking pictures of everyone while working, of course they also wrote the diary.

The kitchen group prepared a lunch and some of them helped the working group.

After the beautiful lunch everybody slept, played cards or talked about interesting themes. We started again to work at 3:15 pm. The working group finished the platforms and put the red and orange beams on the rainbow. A friend of Amiram brought us grapes which were delicious and it was a nice break. Next to the rainbow is a lot of concrete which the working group has to put on the ground. At 6:00 pm we finished our work for this day and went for the last evening to our host families. Later at the evening we met at Besan´s for a surprise birthday party for Lu. We ate a lot of cake and went after that to play soccer at the school of Besan. After everybody went happy at home, we slept very fast.