Samstag, der 19. Juli 2014
Ein schöner Tag in Akko


We started the day at midnight, singing a birthday song for Mzi, playing some games. He also got a birthday hat and our special rainbow card with a lot of good wishes.

After breakfast we had our first family group discussion. We were talking about injustice. Each group member was given a chance to share their personal experience about this topic in their lives and how they overcame it. After this we returned to the big group where each family group got the chance to share their experience.

After this some participants walked to Akko (old city) where they went through a Turkish bazar which was quiet due to Ramadan. They also visited the port and they stopped for some Arabic treats which included watermelon, Kebab sandwiches, ice-cream and slushy.

Another group drove to Haifa and visited the beautiful Bahai gardens. Ofir who led them on this trip also took them to his home where they had refreshments and met his wife.

After returning to our home there was a chance for some participants to swim and others to have a light snack. This was followed by our evening discussion programme. The participants from South Africa, Poland and Germany were given the chance to ask the local group about their feelings on the situation here in Israel. It was interesting because not only were they sharing with the foreign visitors but also with each other. It was an important and informative lesson for everyone. This was also followed by another “informal” discussion outside long into the night young and old participants joined one by one as AB spoke encouraged and motivated everyone. More lessons were learnt as no one could leave their position as they listened.

Finally everyone went to sleep – taking lots of emotions, thoughts and feelings with us into our dreams.