Mittwoch, der 16. Juli 2014
Die harte Arbeit hat begonnen

After the breakfast the working group was assisted by the kitchen group to unpack the container. Digging was made easier by the industrial drill for the hard rocks, the working group also began to paint the beans with the blue and purple colours.

Material for the tent which will accommodate the joining participants from Germany was brought to its place. Amiram, Mzi and other volunteers helped to create a new basin outside the bathroom. For safety the beans were brought into the farm by almost all of the participants. Team work was at its best. For lunch we had falafel which is an Arabic treats made from homous. During our lunch break we were entertained by the delightful sounds of the harmonica and guitar as our young participant Amir sang a song that he composed about harmony.

During the evening program we were introduced to a German song and to other songs. We were updated about the arrival of the German participants which will be in 17th of July 2014. After this the young group stayed up for gamed and interacting together.